Ash Grove KolorStone® Broomcoat Kit, 40-lb.

Product Attributes

  • Item Number: 54603
  • Product: Ash Grove KolorStone® Broomcoat Kit, 40-lb.
  • Stock UOM: EA
  • Manufacturer: Ash Grove Cement Company
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 65150131
  • Tradename: KolorStone®
  • Weight (lb.): 48.5
  • Container Size: 40 lb.


Ash Grove KolorStone Broomcoat is a polymer modified, two-part cementitious coating specifically designed as an overlayment for any concrete surface. Broomcoat provides an economical way to resurface old, chipped, spalled, or scaled concrete. Use with Ash Grove KolorStone KolorFlex Admixture.

Uses & Features


ASH GROVE KOLOR STONE® Broomcoat has several advantages including:

  • Polymer modified

  • Tenacious bond

  • Extremely tough

  • Interior or exterior application

  • Feather edge

  • Cost effective

  • Quality controlled