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NCMA - 2011 Quality Masonry Conference

Please plan to attend the 2010 Quality Masonry Conference on January 27th at the Kearney Ramada or on the 28th at Mahoney State Park. This year’s QMC focus is Making Masonry Better..

The program includes a forum to discuss “How Do We Make Masonry Better” and will include a masonry contractor, architect and engineer. Other speakers and topics include:

-Michael Schuller, Atkinson-Noland “Making Masonry Better, Preventing Water Intrusion with Design and Construction Details”

-Matt Stoffel, HDR “Project Spotlight - TD Ameritrade Ballpark”

-Nick Schulz, RDG “Building with LEED, Clarifying LEED as it Relates to Masonry”

-Nick Schulz, RDG “What is BIM? It is Coming, Are You Ready?”